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Title: We Have Permission

      Unlocking the personal mission within us all






This book isn't written for the sake of the church, but for the sake of the city.  It's about helping all people recognize they have a unique calling to bring Good News to their context.  Pete Cocco has spent 30 years on the university campus and is now using those personal stories to inspire us all towared a life of mission and purpose.



Pete Cocco-

Pete has seen first-hand the power of granting people permission.  In addition to his long-standing work here in the states, he has also directly started permission granting ministries on multiple campuses in Hungary, the Philippines, and Thailand. Furthermore, Pete has spent significant time consulting on campuses in Spain, Mexico, Germany, England, and Chile. He now wants to share his expertise with the myriad of off-campus people who feel stuck, confused or bored. COVID’s residual impact has in many ways increased a culture of passive consumerism within the church.  However, it is Pete’s belief that God is using this season to stir and release his people.


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“To awaken and empower
the ordinary person
toward one extraordinary mission”