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Title: You Have Permission

      Developing a personal mission beyond the walls of church.






What if I told you that God has a mission for you! A simple, unique and personal mission unhampered by restrictive structures, systems and policies.

For over 30 years, Pete Cocco has served as a campus minister. He has observed thousands of students being launched into personal missions from the university campus. In this collection of stories and lessons learned from campus, he shares how everyone (including you) has a similar personal mission. Most are just undeveloped. This book will take you through his discovery of a five-stage process to develop your personal mission. Five distinct stages, all powered by one common source-permission.  


  • Permission to Dream Big.
  • Permission to be Armed and Dangerous.
  • Permission to Flip the Script.
  • Permission to Start Fires. 
  • Permission to Prioritize Play. 

The hope is that this book will nudge you out beyond the institutional confines and into the adventurous life you were created for.



Pete Cocco-

Pete has seen first-hand the power of granting people permission.  In addition to his long-standing work here in the states, he has also directly started permission granting ministries on multiple campuses in Hungary, the Philippines, and Thailand. Furthermore, Pete has spent significant time consulting on campuses in Spain, Mexico, Germany, England, and Chile. He now wants to share his expertise with the myriad of ordinary people who feel stuck, confused or bored.  


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Book Application Guide
This guide is designed to deepen your connection with the reading by providing insightful questions and prompts to make your personal mission come alive.

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“To awaken and empower
the ordinary person
toward one extraordinary mission”