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Title: You Have Permission

      Developing a personal mission that lasts a lifetime






God has a mission for you.  A life-long personal mission that is more fulfilling and satisfying than being a volunteer.  Without a personal mission your involvement with the local church will be reduced to something calculated, safe, and short lived. 


God’s greatest stories seem to always align with people who are willing to take even the smallest of risks. It’s clear that God’s plan has always been to saturate the world with a kingdom that sprawls like water, quenching thirst and providing life to whatever nook or cranny it lands.  

His plan is to empower each of His people to spread good news far and wide, unhampered by restrictive structures, systems and policies. Unfortunately, most of us don’t feel like we are allowed this sort of freedom. Instead, we believe that kingdom work is reserved for the paid professionals. 


As a person who has made the university campus my home for  30 years, I have a unique perspective that has allowed me to love and analyze the church up close without being indoctrinated from within. This book is my story; a collection of thoughts and personal encounters that I hope will respectfully nudge you out from the institutional confines and into a personal mission that lasts a lifetime.  You have permission.  



Pete Cocco-

Pete has seen first-hand the power of granting people permission.  In addition to his long-standing work here in the states, he has also directly started permission granting ministries on multiple campuses in Hungary, the Philippines, and Thailand. Furthermore, Pete has spent significant time consulting on campuses in Spain, Mexico, Germany, England, and Chile. He now wants to share his expertise with the myriad of ordinary people who feel stuck, confused or bored.  


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“To awaken and empower
the ordinary person
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